Hello, it’s me.

I’m Rachelle. A graphic designer based on Canada’s beautiful west coast who hailed from the prairies long ago. In no particular order my heart belongs to the mountains, David Bowie’s early years, textiles, cheese, and that sensation you get jumping into a lake for the first time of the summer. I have a soft spot for publication design, identity systems, photography, illustration, silkscreening mysterious surfaces and am on a lifelong mission for tactility. When I’m not hunched over a computer screen you can find me correcting my posture on the yoga mat, drinking wine out of jam jars by the sea, or wandering through a forest in search of a mighty fine camping spot or because I’ve become enamoured by some particularly luscious moss.

To view my complete CV, please visit my LinkedIn profile. Most importantly, if you too love these things or have something you’d like to work on together, say hi!